Australian Single Malt Whisky List

Australia Whisky

To complement the list of Australian RumGin and Vodka on the blog,  I’ve have compiled the following list of commercial producers of both blended, rye and malt whisky.

No doubt I’ve missed a few, so drop me a line if you’ve one to contribute. There are several new distilleries coming on line in 2016/17 – mainly in Tasmania, so I’ll add those as we go.

Many of these have come online since the early 90’s and are fast establishing a reputation for excellent, especially the single malts.

Updated 8 April 2017

  • Aisling Distillery, Griffith, New South Wales (new in 2016)
  • website
  • Bakery Hill, Bayswater, Dandenong Foothills, Victoria,
  • Products available:  Peated Single Malt and Cask Strength Peated Single Malt; Classic Single Malt and Cask Strength Classic Single Malt; First Release Pre-Production Limited Edition bottle (fancy-pancy); Double Wood Malt; ‘Cask 14’ at Cask Strength; Distillery Selection 2009: Peated Cask Strength
  • website
  • Black Gate Distillery, Mendooran, New South Wales
  • Product available: Double distilled in a traditional direct fired copper pot still. Sherry cask matured and bottled by hand.
  • Website
  • Belgrove Distillery, Kempton, Tasmania
  • Products available: White Rye and Rye Whisky
  • website
  • Dark Valley Distillery, Malbina, Tasmania
  • Product available: Hunter’s Keep, Raven’s Rest, Widow’s Watch
  • website 


  • Heartwood Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Products available: ‘Vat Out of Hell’ Cask Strength; ‘Convict Release’ Port Cask 11yr; ‘Velvet Hammer’ 13yr Bourbon Barrels
  • website
  • Hellyer’s Road Distillery, Burnie, North West Tasmania
  • Products available: Single Malt – Original; Single Malt – 10yr Original; Single Malt – Peated; Single Malt – Slightly Peated; Single Malt – Pinot Noir Finish; Southern Fire Single Malt Whisky; Whisky Cream Liqueur
  • website
  • Launceston Distillery, Tasmania
  • In development, due to open late 2016
  • website
  • Lark Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Products available: Single Malt Cask Strength; Single Malt Distiller’s Selection; Single Malt Single Cask; ‘Slainte’ Whisky Liqueur
  • website
  • Great Southern Distilling Company, Albany, Western Australia
  • Products available: Tiger Snake Sour Mash Whiskey – First Release; Limeburners Single Malt ‘Directors Cut’ Barrel Strength; Tiger Snake Sour Mash Whiskey – 3rd Batch; Limeburners Single Malt Standard; Limeburners Single Malt Barrel Strength – ‘Second Innings’; Limeburners Single Malt Barrel Strength; Limeburners Whisky Liqueurs
  • website
  • Nant Distillery, Bothwell, Central Tasmania
  • Products available: Single Malt Cask Strength; Single Malt Unpeated
  • website
  • New World Distillery, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Products available:  Starward
  • website 
  • Nonesuch Distillery, Dodges Ferry Tasmania
  • First release currently ageing
  • website
  • Overeem / Old Hobart Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Products available:  Overeem Port Cask Matured Single Malt Whisky; Overeem Sherry Cask Matured Single Malt Whisky; Overeem Port Cask Matured Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky; Overeem Sherry Cask Matured Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky
  •  website
  • Sullivan’s Cover / Tasmania Distillery, Cambridge, Tasmania
  • Products available: Sullivan’s Cove American Oak Cask Single Malt; Sullivan’s Cove Double Cask Single Malt; Sullivan’s Cove French Oak Cask Single Malt; plus a million (exaggeration) other Limited Edition Sullivan’s Cove Single Malts
  • website
  • Timboon Railway Shed Distillery, Timboon, South West Victoria
  • Products available: Timboon ‘Second Release’ Port Cask Matured Single Malt s
  • website
  • William McHenry & Sons Distillery, Tasmania
  • Products available: Three Capes 10yr Unpeated Single Malt Whisky
  • website

 Others to look out for 

  • Adam’s Distillery, Tasmania website
  • Applewood Distillery, Adelaide Hills South Australia website
  • Australian Whiskey Company, The Summit Queensland, website
  • Black Gate Distillery, Mendooran New South Wales, website
  • Blue Still, Young New South Wales, website
  • Corowa Whisky, Corowa New South Wales, website
  • Dobson’s Distllery, Kentucky New South Wales, website
  • Fanny’s Bay Distillery, Tasmania, facebook
  • Fleuieiu Distillery, Goolwa South Australia,  website
  • Geographe Distillery, Myalup, Western Australia website 

  • Hoochery Distillery, Kimberley Western Australia, website
  • Killara Distillery, Tasmania, website
  • Limeburners Distillery, Albany Western Australia, website
  • McClaren Vale Distillery, South Australia, website
  • Mount Uncle, North Queensland, website
  • Redlands Estate, Plenty Tasmania, website
  • Smith’s Angaston, Barossa Valley, South Australia, website not available
  • Spring Bay Distillery, Tasmania, website
  • Tin Shed Distillery, South Australia, website
  • Tryptych Distllery, Yarra Valley Victoria, website 
  • Trappers Shut Distillery, Tasmania, website
  • Wild Swan Distillery, Swan Valley Western Australia, website

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