Masterclasses and other services

IMG_0591One of the pleasures of being the Martini Whisperer is that I get to share my passion with lots of people.

After all, what’s the point of a well crafted cocktail if not to make the world a better place through good company and some inspiration in a glass?

Regular readers of my website and social media feed will have seen that I’ve been busy of late with a range of events and guest appearances, plus a few corporate assignments you may not know about yet.

So I thought it may be useful to list my services in case you need some Martini or craft spirit magic in your life.

Since each experience is unique, my rates vary on the scope of the project, so please get in touch to chat about what you have in mind.

Martini Masterclasses

  • These intimate affairs for up to 20 people include a hands on experience for guests to craft their own Martini using a wide range of vodka’s, gins, vermouths and other special ingredients in a stylish and fun format.
  • I induct the guests into the secrets of crafting a perfect Martini and they get hands on to make one of their own design under my guidance.
  • The events run for about an hour and a half.
  • There are three packages to choose from: Essentials-which features premium spirits ($60 per head) , Top Shelf which includes some of the best spirits around including hard to get stock from around the world ($90 per head), and Bespoke where I create an experience that is unique for your occasion (POA)
  • This includes spirits & garnishes
  • Additional costs such as glass hire, out of Canberra travel & accommodation and room hire etc isn’t included in the price per head naturally.
  • These can be run in your own home or another premises.
  • One of these experiences was featured in the Canberra Times in 2017.

Bespoke Martini recipes

  • I can design a Martini for a special event that is both unique and able to be recreated by your team. An example included one for the Street Theatre in Canberra to mark the debut of a new production, Cold Light. I’ve also created a very special Martini, for the Canberra Centre.
  • Recipes can also be created so you have a signature cocktail for your restaurant or bar, including training.

Degustation Dinner and special events

  • Each year I host successful and sold out World Gin Day dinners plus other events where I create cocktails to match the menu, and host the event as MC. I’m an experienced facilitator and guest speaker and bring a polished, affable and polished style to any event.
  • Recent events have included a French Gin Degustation Dinner at Hotel Realm and part of the Canberra Modern Festival.

Professional Staff training

  • Having worked in a range of front of house restaurant and hotel manager roles for over a decade I understand hospitality very well and have never lost my admiration for the hard work and passion that goes into offering great service consistently.
  • I offer sessions to take your team on how to make a Martini perfectly every time, including all the styles and garnishes, with particular focus on how to use the stock you carry to best effect, including upselling techniques.
  • Masterclasses on Australian craft spirits can also be arranged.
  • I can also offer a consulting service on what stock to carry and which equipment etc to have to ensure you can offer your guests a great Martini.

Gin and Australian Spirit Masterclasses

  • Gin is the thing, and the global craze shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. I present popular sessions that run for about 2 hours where guests can sample of craft gins from around the world, plus catering, outline how its made, and the story behind each product.
  • I can also arrange guest appearances by distillers.
  • I can expand the sample range to include vodkas, rums and single malts, plus other Australian craft spirits, including hard to source stock.

Corporate Events

  • Besides creating a bespoke cocktail for an event, I can also be part of an event including offering a range of cocktails, demonstrations, talks on spirits, and hands-on experience for guests as part of conference or team building event for 1 or 2 hours.
  • One of the more memorable events in 2017 was hosting a Martini soiree for over 90 members of the Australian Parliament and heads of the national cultural institutions who just loved by Martini creations!

TV and event appearances

  • I’ve been engaged for TV as a cocktail consultant and cameoed on the Real Housewives of Melbourne (sadly my closeups didn’t make the final cut!) and been guest presenters at hospitality expos and guest judge for a range of community and entertainment events.  I’ve been a guest speaker at Floriade in Canberra, and also a guest on ABC Radio and 2CC about Martinis and gin!
  • Not to mention, my appearance at TEDx Canberra on the Cultural History of the Martini.

Reviews and articles

  • I offer an approachable, insightful and independent voice on craft sprits, particularly Australian, and cocktail culture generally.  I can provide reviews and articles for your publication that speakers to the reader without waffle, or fan-boy gushing! I cover bars, service culture, spirits and destinations, please see my index page for my reviews.
  • If you’ve a product that you’d like to be featured on my website and social media feed (now attracting some 50,000 unique visits per month and over 8000 followers across my Instagram and facebook feeds which I update daily) please contact me.
  • I also disclose if the product has been provided by the maker/distributor and reserve the right not to review the product if its of not of a high standard- rare, but it sometimes happens. I offer an independent and objective review including Q+A with the makers where possible.

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