Work in Progress- update 20/3

Phillip A. Jones esq.Just thought I’d let you know what’s in the pipeline for the blog.

But first, its been fantastic to see the response already to the blog- over 6000 visits reads of the posts to date, plus an additional 300 twitter followers, and new subscribers to the blog-
thanks a million.

To structure the content I’ve five main categories of posts:

  • People
  • Insights
  • Bar Reviews
  • Products
  • Reviews


IMG_3741 Reviews Approach

My product reviews will be practical- how the spirits work in a Martini or simple mixed drink, where to buy them, some Q+A with the people behind them (where possible) and the basic facts on production and ingredients.

If I’m provided the spirits I’ll let you know- but I will not be an editorial/PR type blogger- you’ll get the straight dirt from me.

Likewise, I have no commercial arrangements or PR relations with bars or people I review.

I buy my own drinks, and aim to be supportive, but will give some tough love when required.

See my disclaimer here.


So what’s coming up includes:

  • How to Make a Martini (home style)
  • Food matches with Martinis
  • A review of the West Winds Gin Cutlass version from WA
  • A review of the Bass and Flinders Gin from the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria
  •  Some more Australian Single Malt Whisky reviews from guest reviewer Nathanael
  • oh, and a few surprises as usual, including some guest reviews of Melbourne cocktail bars.