You can engage myself and my team for a range of event formats ranging from intimate private or corporate experiences, to large scale corporate settings.

This page outlines some of what I can offer, each experience being customised to you and your guests

Since each experience is unique, my rates vary on the scope of the project, so please get in touch to chat about what you have in mind.

I can offer:

                  • Real world or virtual cocktail making experiences
                  • Craft Spirits tastings
                  • Martini and cocktail making experiences and masterclasses
                  • Catering for events (Canberra region only) of all sizes
                  • Create a bespoke cocktail just for you for a special occasion
                  • Consulting services to distillers including product development and market testing
                  • Guest speaker,  corporate tastings and events
                  • Online and real world guest appearances
                  • Collaboration events with distillers.

Updated 1 July 2021

I’ve been fortunate to work with leading brands and cultural institutions such as:

  • Australian Parliament
  • Big River Gin
  • Burberry Hotel
  • Canberra Modern Festival
  • Canberra Convention Bureau
  • East Hotel
  • Eiger Chalet and Lodge
  • FoodAmI
  • Gin Society Magazine
  • HerCanberra
  • Pialligo Estate
  • QT Canberra Hotel bar takeover, see the pics here
  • Prohibition Liquor Co
  • Realm Hotel
  • Royal Australian Botanic Gardens
  • The Commonwealth Club
  • The Royal Australian Mint
  • The Canberra Centre
  • The Canberra Distillery
  • The Street Theatre
  • The Pavilion Hotel
  • Museum of Australian Democracy
  • Underground Spirits
  • Westfield Woden
  • Wildbrumby Distillery
  • Winning Appliances and many private clients for more intimate soirees.

Virtual Martini Party 

Can’t get together in person? Then let’s have our own Zoom party! I send a package to your guests several days before an you can enjoy a Martini masterclass over 1.5 hours.

  • This includes a pack sent to each guest:
    • Two 50ml of craft gin per person
    • Dry Vermouth and orange bitters for two Martinis
    • Martini recipe card
    • Cocktail pics to keep
    • Special gift for each participant
    • Instructions to guests to assist in their preparation
    • 1.5 hour virtual Martini masterclass!
    • Package: $75 per person
    • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.


Craft Spirits Tasting Experiences

  • I can come to you and present a flight of craft spirits to educate you and your guests on how they’re made, the people behind them and how best to enjoy them.
  • These can be either all Australian, international or a mix as you prefer.
  • I also offer international or particular styles of spirits you’re interested in by arrangement, such as Cognac, or single malts, and the rates vary depending on what the topic is as these need to be specially sourced.
  • On occasion guests like to keep the balance of some of the bottles I bring, and they can be purchased at cost price on the day.
  • The sessions run for an hour and a half, and include a welcome gin and tonic or similar, and a flight of five premium spirits from my own collection.
  • Package:  $85 per person for gin or rum, or $110 per person for whisky, and a minimum of four guests is required.
  • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.


Martini Masterclasses

  • These intimate affairs for up to 20 people include a hands on experience for guests to craft their own Martini using a wide range of vodka’s, gins, vermouths and other special ingredients in a stylish and fun format.
  • I induct you into the secrets of crafting a perfect Martini and they get hands on to make one of their own design under my guidance.
  • The session also includes insights into all the ingredients, how gin and vermouths are made, and of course, pro-tips
  • The events run for about an hour and a half.
  • This includes welcome G+T, a Martini of your own creation, spirits & garnishes et alia, recipe cards and more.
  • These can be run in your own home or another premises (the latter at additional cost) .
  • One of these public event experiences was featured in the Canberra Times in 2017.
  • Package per person $85.00 and a minimum of four guests is required.
  • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.

Cocktail Making Experience 

  • These intimate affairs for up to 20 people include a hands on experience for guests to create a cocktail under my guidance in a stylish and fun format.
  • I explain how cocktails are crafted, introduce a wide range of ingredients and how they’re made, and all about flavours, styles, mixing techniques and much more.
  • You’ll sample several styles of cocktail, and then make your own adventure.
  • The events run for about an hour and a half.
  • Package per person $85.00
    • This includes welcome G+T, a cocktail of your own creation, spirits & garnishes etci plus three sample tasting cocktails.
    • These can be run in your own home or another premises (the latter at additional cost) .
    • Note for groups larger than 10 people I bring one of my lovely team to assist and there is a surcharge of $10 per person for this.
    • One of these public event experiences was featured in the Canberra Times in 2017.

Bespoke Cocktails Recipes

  • I can design a Martini or special cocktail for a special event that is both unique and aligns to your function, event theme or guests.
  • An example included one for the Street Theatre in Canberra to mark the debut of a new production, Cold Light.
  • I’ve been commissioned by the Royal Australian Mint to devise special cocktails for an exhibition themed cocktail party, and Australian Parliament for the Enlighten Festival and I’ve also created a very special Martini, for the Canberra Centre
  • Created two cocktails for Underground Spirits for Floriade 2020 and did a live Facebook stream on site.
  • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.

Degustation Dinner and special events


Craft Spirits Judging and Product Development

  • I’m an experienced judge both inside and outside the craft spirits world. I have been a lead panel judge for both the New Zealand and Western Australian craft spirits awards, plus I’m the Chair of Judges for the Canberra Region Tourism Awards and other national programs.
  • I am also engaged by distillers to assist in new product development. This includes critiquing prototypes, market testing in target markets/ audiences and blind tasting to ensure new releases hit the mark.
  • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.

Professional Staff training

  • Having worked in a range of front of house restaurant and hotel manager roles for over a decade I understand hospitality very well and have never lost my admiration for the hard work and passion that goes into offering great service consistently.
  • I offer sessions to take your team on how to make a Martini perfectly every time, including all the styles and garnishes, with particular focus on how to use the stock you carry to best effect, including upselling techniques.
  • Masterclasses on Australian craft spirits can also be arranged.
  • I can also offer a consulting service on what stock to carry and which equipment etc to have to ensure you can offer your guests a great Martini.
  • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.


Corporate and Private Events

  • Besides creating a bespoke cocktail for an event, I can also be part of an event including offering a range of cocktails, demonstrations, talks on spirits, and hands-on experience for guests as part of conference or team building event for 1 or 2 hours.
  • One of the more memorable events in 2017 was hosting a Martini soiree for over 90 members of the Australian Parliament and heads of the national cultural institutions who just loved by Martini creations!
  • I’ve also being engaged for corporate clients like the Canberra Centre, Westfield and QT Canberra for special activations and guest experiences.
  • Hen’s cocktail making parties and significant birthday parties for 20 to 100 people.
  • To book or enquire, please use the form below, or email me.

Online, TV and event appearances

  • I can be engaged for appearances such as the series of videos I produced for Gin Society, and Floriade Cocktails for Underground Spirits.
  • I was engaged for TV as a cocktail consultant and cameoed on the Real Housewives of Melbourne (sadly my closeups didn’t make the final cut!) and been guest presenters at hospitality expos and guest judge for a range of community and entertainment events.
  • I’ve been a guest speaker at Floriade in Canberra, and also a guest on ABC Radio and 2CC about Martinis and gin!
  • Recently I did a live TV cross for Channel 9 in Perth for the craft spirits awards I was judging.
  • Not to mention, my appearance at TEDx Canberra on the Cultural History of the Martini.
  • You can see a summary of my many media interviews and profiles on this page.

Reviews and articles

  • I offer an insightful and independent voice on craft sprits, particularly Australian, and cocktail culture generally.  I can provide reviews and articles for your publication that speakers to the reader without waffle, or fan-boy gushing! I cover bars, service culture, spirits and destinations, please see my index page for my reviews.
  • If you’ve a product that you’d like to be featured on my website and social media feed ( some 50,000 unique visits per month and over 10000 followers across my Instagram and facebook feeds which I update daily) please contact me.
  • Also check out my YouTube channel for examples of my work
  • I also disclose if the product has been provided by the maker/distributor and reserve the right not to review the product if its of not of a high standard- rare, but it sometimes happens. I offer an independent and objective review including Q+A with the makers where possible.

Past Events and Concepts

Some of the things we’ve done are:

  • VIP guest cocktail experience at the Royal Australian Mint
  • Staged co-hosted fashion and cocktail events at the Canberra Centre
  • Craft spirit appreciation tastings at East Hotel
  • Cocktail High Tea experience at the Burberry Hotel
  • Created the official Floriade 2019 cocktail for Underground Spirits, the Lady of the Lake and in 2020
  • Private Martini masterclass for 16 guests for a housewarming
  • A one on one premium gin tasting experience as a surprise gift for a husband
  • Surprise virtual Birthday Martini masterclass for a COVID lockdown couple
  • Creating and presenting a bespoke Martini for a business lunch club
  • Presenting cocktails for Autumn to a sold out session of 60 guests at the Canberra Centre
  • Curated a Cognac and Australian gin masterclass series at the exclusive Commonwealth Club for its members
  • Engaged by Westfield to activate a premium fashion space in one of their centres with Martini making classes for shoppers
  • Created a festive cocktail for a corporate client relations festive season function
  • Presenting several cocktail making  and creating a welcome cocktail as part of a corporate training day
  • Guest speaker and Martini making experience to warm up a corporate relations dinner
  • Collaboration with companies like Gin Society, Gintonica, Underground Spirits and Antipodes Gin.