Quick Update

20140409-202000.jpg“Why don’t he write?” I hear you say!

Well, it’s because the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of change in a good way.

For the next while I’m based on Melbourne professionally, which came about quite suddenly, so it was a case of packing up old life and hitting the highway.

Naturally, amongst my clothes and computer the gin and accessories got packed along with cocktail glasses and shakers.

I don’t plan to go thirsty whilst on tour.


20140409-202411.jpgYou’ll be pleased to know that within 8 hours of driving nearly 1000km I made a beeline to a nearby distillery, Bass and Flinders in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria (pictured left).

I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and getting a  tour.

They make several fine gins (and a new vodka in the Swedish style) using water harvested from one of the most pure places on the planet at the end of Peninsula.


So stay tuned for a review of a couple of their fine spirits.

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But I haven’t forgotten you, and have in the works the aforementioned gins, plus one on the West Winds Cutlass gin.

I’ve also been booked by award winning 10x Tractor restaurant to run a Martini masterclass for their team in early May.

Most exciting of all will be a review, more of a reflection really, of the influential book, Martini: A Memoir, by Frank Moorhouse. The author has offered to contribute to the blog from time to time, so that is quite an honour!

Update: you can read that here.

There has been a random selection of Martinis here & there, so ok, some not so great, and some places where I’ve had to teach the staff myself to get a decent drink.

So a few things to look forward to I hope, plus bar adventures in the cocktail capital of Australia.

Until then….