How To Videos: in the pipeline….suggestions sought

cropped-img_0732-e1383518834934.jpgAs  promised in my recent post I’m going to produce several videos for those of you wanting to make the perfect Martini at home.

I’ll be covering all the basics, plus some of my own tips of the trade, and I’m after suggestions as to other things you’d like me to cover too.

So please add some suggestions below, or comment via facebook or twitter.


Also, I’m open to which Gins you’d like me to work with, so feel free to suggest which ones using this list as the basis.

Looking forward to your input.

2 thoughts on “How To Videos: in the pipeline….suggestions sought

  1. Oh goodie. I do look forward to your ‘How To’ vids. 🙂
    I know its not cool, but it’d be helpful if you showed how to make a mean martini using the less expensive alco, the stuff we can source easily. I’d also love to know how to make an espresso martini. Sorry Phillip, Im sure you just rolled your eyes at my uncouth suggestions.
    Hope you are well and enjoying your adventures down south.
    Cheers, Anna

    • Hello Anna

      Well one of my missions is to make superb Martinis accessible for anyone at home, and that includes using ingredients readily available + affordable, so we’re on the same page here. I will take some persuading on the Espresso version though! 😉 Rather chilly adventures in Melbourne right now, but having a swell time thanks… starting to feel like home.

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