Exclusive Offer from Amfora

My friends at Amfora have reached out to friends of the Martini Whisperer with a very special opportunity just in time for the festive season.

Get your gifts all sorted and ordered from our online range of (genuinely!) handcrafted gins, whiskies and other lovely liquids.

Choose a beautiful bottle style, a scrumptious craft liquid and we’ll even add a handwritten message on the bottle too!
As an exclusive, limited time offer, enjoy 15% off which you can claim at: lovelyliquids.amfora.com.au
Discover our range here: amfora.com.au

Please take advantage of this exclusive offer – only available for a limited time.


“At Amfora, we believe we need to do everything we can to bring liquids to you that aren’t made by committee.  Liquids, that are made with one thing in mind – to be special, and well, not for everyone. So that’s what we are about, supporting the creative underworld of producers out there, toiling away doing what they love to make something truly special remarkable for you to enjoy.

We don’t take second-rate bulk products and dress them up – we take first rate, handcrafted products and present them in a truly unique and beautiful way thats easy and accessible. 

From our hand labelling to a range of beautiful bottles to match your personality – we do things a little differently.”