Martini Appreciation Soirees

Running a session in 2014 for the award winning 10X Tractor Restaurant in the Mornington Peninsula.

Want an experience to take your Martinis to the next level?

I offer a 2 hour experience that gives all the insights + skills you need to know to make the perfect Martini either at home, or to order one with confidence in any bar or restaurant.

One of the upsides of mixing and drinking more Martinis than I possibly should is that I know my way around a cocktail mixer and how to make the most of a wide range of Gins.

These popular sessions can be run at your place or in a venue. They can also can be tailored to suit the experience you’re after and size of group.



They include:

  • The basics of the making of Gin + Vodka and the back story of a wide range of labels including the new wave of Australian and imported craft Gins.
  • Introduction to Dry Vermouth and its uses
  • How to mix a perfect Martini
  • Garnishes and all the variations such as Dirty and Gibson Martinis
  • Sales and guest interaction narratives
  • How to use the Gins or Vodka you have on stock in a Martini
  • Hands-on mixing of a Martini of your choice, and a welcome cocktail on arrival.
Mission Accomplished!

If that sounds like a great night in, then please contact me to discuss the opportunity, rates vary on the scale and scope of the session.

There are three options  available:

      • a session for hospitality staff in your bar or restaurant
      • a private soiree at your home
      • public demonstration, such as I did for Floriade or at Pod Food

I bring all the stock and garnish, you just need to provide the venue, some nibbles and ice.

Sessions start from $75.00 per person with a minimum of three people.

I look forward to hearing from you- just drop me a line.


Nothing like mixing your first Martini to feel fabulous!