Australian Vermouth List

Vermouth is still having a moment. With a new appreciation of it’s complexity and versatility, there is also a market for those wishing to imbibe in style, but at a lower dose of alcohol.

So compliment my other lists of Gin, Vodka, Rum and Single Malt Whisky available in Australia, here’s a list of what’s currently available.

You can also read about Dry Vermouth and it’s production in this article.

Plus check out my YouTube channel where I have two episodes about using Dry Vermouth in your Martini, here + here (live) plus one about the Dirty Martini here.

Also, this article in the Australian Financial Review has a good outline of it’s history here in Australia.

Updated 1 September 2021

  1. Adelaide Hills Distillery, South Australia, Dry, Rosso, Rose
  2. Causes and Cures, Victoria, Semi Dry White and Rosso. Read review here 
  3. Castagna Classic Dry, Victoria
  4. Cinq a Sept Small Batch Vermouth, Victoria
  5. JC’s Own Wermut, South Australia
  6. Jones Winery and Vineyard, Correll, Victoria
  7. Herbhaven Vermouth, Melbourne, Victoria
  8. Margan Family Wines New South Wales Hunter Valley- Vermouth Off Dry, and Off Sweet
  9. Maidenii,Victoria – Classic, Classic Unfiltered, Nocturne, Sweet and Dry. Read review here.
  10. Mac Forbes Winery, Victoria – limited release
  11. Morgan’s Winery and Distillery, Victoria
  12. Old Dog Vermouth, Samford Valley, Queensland
  13. Peter van Gent Winery, New South Wales
  14. Outlandish Claims, two versions to choose from white and red bitter style, Ravensworth Wines Canberra
  15. Regal Rogue, South Australia – Lively White, Wild Rose, Bold Red, Bianco, Rosso and Daring Dry
  16. Saison Vermouth, Victoria
  17. Skew Vermouth,South Australia
  18. The Mystic Vermouth, Victoria
  19. Turkey Flat Quinquina, South Australia
  20. Yuzu Vermouth, South Australia

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