Australian Vodka Makers List

KIS vodaLast Updated 2 August 2022

So to compliment the Gin, Rum and Single Malt Scotch lists plus Vermouth here is one for Vodka.

I’ve drunk numerous Vodka Martinis over the years, and don’t mind a Vesper now and again, and keep some in the freezer for this reason. Besides, we can thank Mr Bond and his penchant for Vodka Martini’s for much of the modern awareness of the cocktail generally.

Note: I’m only listing actual producers, not those bands you can get here that are either imported and then packaged here and claimed to be ‘Australian’!  It can be hard to determine which is distilled here, as opposed to produced + bottled. The links will take you to their websites, or a social media channel in case they don’t have the former. If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know.

These lists are updated at the start of each month.

Vodka List

  1. 100 Souls Distillery, New South Wales
  2. 151 East Vodka New South Wales
  3. 666 Tasmania
  4. Adelaide Hills Distillery South Australia
  5. Alchemy Distillers Victoria
  6. Archie Rose Sydney
  7. Alchemy Distillers Victoria
  8. Ambrosia Distillery, Canberra – new!
  9. Animus Vodka Victoria
  10. Anjea Vodka  North Queensland
  11. Alaskan Rock Vodka New South Wales
  12. Ancient Wisdom Distillery, Victoria
  13. Antipodes Vodka South Australia
  14. Australian Vodka Company Queensland
  15. Australian Spirit Laboratory, Queensland
  16. Australian Boutique Spirits Company
  17. Arktika Vodka Company
  18. Avosh Premium Vodka
  19. Axel Vodka New South Wales
  20. Baboushka Vodka Victoria
  21. Backwards Distillery Ringleader Vodka Victoria
  22. Barking Owl Distilling Co, Victoria
  23. Bass and Flinders Distillery Victoria
  24. Baker Williams New South Wales
  25. Baxter Vodka Victoria
  26. Beachtree Distilling Co. Queensland
  27. Beenliegh Distillery Queensland
  28. Bells Beach Spirits, Victoria
  29. Beelu Forest Distilling Co. Western Australia
  30. Big River Distilling Canberra
  31. Black Gate Distillery New South Wales
  32. Blue Still New South Wales
  33. Bombora Vodka South Australia
  34. Buffalo Vale New South Wales
  35. Byron Bay Spirits Company, New South Wales
  36. Cauldron Distillery, Queensland 
  37. Canberra Distillery Vodka ACT
  38. Caprum Distillery, Western Australia
  39. CooranBong Vodka South Australia
  40. Copper and Cane Distilling, Queensland
  41. Craft Works Distillery, New South Wales
  42. Critters Distillery, New South Wales
  43. Crystallus Vodka New South Wales
  44. Darby-Norris Distillery Tasmania
  45. Dead Finish Distillery, Victoria
  46. Dobson’s Pure Vodka New South Wales
  47. Demoiselle Distillery New South Wales
  48. Distillery Botanica  New South Wales
  49. Divas Vodkat Vodka Victoria
  50. Downunder Spirits Co, Western Australia
  51. Downunder Vodka 
  52. DotAU Vodka Western Australia
  53. East Coast Distilled, New South Wales
  54. Edge of the World Distillery, Tasmania
  55. Endangered Distilling Co Tasmania
  56. Finders Distillery, New South Wales
  57. Fire Drum Vodka Tasmania
  58. Firestarter Vodka, South Australia
  59. Flinders Peak Winery Queensland
  60. Fortitude Spirits Queensland
  61. Full Circle Spirits, South Australia – new!
  62. Glengowrie Distillery New South Wales
  63. Great Southern Distillery Vodka Western Australia
  64. Golden Delish Vodka Victoria
  65. Grainshaker Victoria  
  66. Granddad Jacks Distillery Queensland
  67. Greater Whitsunday Distillery, Queensland
  68. Hailing Mary Vodka Tasmania
  69. Hartshorn Distillery Tasmania
  70. Haiver Spirits Western Australia
  71. Heaven Hell’s Vodka New South Wales
  72. Headlands Distilling New South Wales read review here
  73. Hellfire Bluff Tasmania
  74. Henry Fisher Distillery, South Australia
  75. Harris Organic Vodka Swan Valley
  76. Heaven’s Hell Liquid Gold Vodka New South Wales
  77. Hepburn Springs Distilling Co Victoria
  78. Here’s Looking at You Kid Distillery Victoria
  79. Heavy Water Oz   read review here
  80. High Spirits Distillery Western Australia
  81. Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery Western Australia
  82. Hope Estate Distillery, New South Wales
  83. Hunnington Distillery Tasmania
  84. Hunter Distillery New South Wales
  85. Iron House Distillery and Brewery Tasmania
  86. Idle Hour Vodka
  87. ISOS Vodka  New South Wales
  88. Jacaranda Street new! 
  89. Kalki Moon Classic Vodka Queensland
  90. Kangaroo Island Spirits South Australia  read review here
  91. Lark Distillery Pepperberry Vodka + Hailing Mary Flavoured Vodka, Tasmania
  92. Knocklofty Distillery Tasmania
  93. Lawrenny Vodka Tasmania
  94. Lemon Tree Passage Distilling Co, New South Wales
  95. Limeburners Distillery, MRDC Vodka, Western Australia
  96. Local Spirit Group, Canberra  – new!
  97. LongLeaf Tea Vodka New South Wales
  98. Lord Howe Island Distilling, New South Wales
  99. Logan’s Micro Distillery Victoria
  100. Manly Spirits Vodka New South Wales
  101. McRobert Distillery, Armadale, Western Australia
  102. Mobius Distilling, New South Wales
  103. Mount Glorious Distillery, Queensland
  104. Murray’s Brewing, New South Wales
  105. Nanman Distillery, Western Australia
  106. Natural Distilling Company, Victoria
  107. Newcastle Distilling Co. New South Wales
  108. New Australia Spirits Company New South Wales
  109. Newy Distillery, New South Wales
  110. Noosa Heads Distillery, Queensland
  111. MC No8 Vodka South Australia
  112. OCD Small Batch Vodka, Sydney
  113. Off Shore Vodka, Queensland
  114. Old Young’s Western Australia
  115. Penni Avenue Distillery, Victoria
  116. Pomona Distilling Co, Queensland
  117. Puer Triple Distilled Tasmanian Vodka  Tasmania
  118. Red Dirt Vodka New South Wales
  119. Republic of Fremantle, Western Australia
  120. Refer Vodka, New South Wales
  121. Riverland Rose Vodka South Australia
  122. Rooz Vodka  Queensland
  123. Roylancer Distillery South Australia
  124. Rusty Barrel Spirits Co New South Wales
  125. Scylla Distilling Co, New South Wales
  126. Sip Spirits Vodka (Vodka One), New South Wales / Poland
  127. Seven Seasons Spirits, Northern Territory
  128. SoHi Spirits, New South Wales
  129. Strait Vodka Tasmania
  130. Small Mouth Vodka New South Wales
  131. Smilov Spirits, Western Australia
  132. Silver Moon Distilling New South Wales
  133. Southern Lights Original Vodka Tasmania
  134. South Coast Distillery New South Wales
  135. Soul Vodka New South Wales
  136. Steampunk Distillery, Queensland
  137. Stoic Spirits, New South Wales – new!
  138. Suter and Sons Victoria
  139. Sunny Hill Distillery South Australia
  140. Sunshine and Sons, Queensland
  141. Swiftcrest Distillery Victoria
  142. Stone Pine Distillery New South Wales
  143. Tabu Vodka Company New South Wales
  144. Tas Saf Saffron,Vodka, Tasmania
  145. Tattarang Springs Distillery Western Australia
  146. Tambourine Mountain Vodka Queensland
  147. Terra Australis Distillery Victoria
  148. The Canberra Distillery Canberra
  149. The Grove Executive Vodka Western Australia
  150. Thunderbolt Distillery, New South Wales
  151. Timboon Railway Shed Snake Track Vodka  Victoria
  152. Tilde Raw Australian Vodka,  New South Wales  – new! 
  153. Time Traveller Distillery, New South Wales
  154. Tin Shed Distilling Co, Piotr Vodka, South Australia
  155. Tinberry Distilling Co. South Australia – new! 
  156. Tintenbar Distillery New South Wales
  157. Underground Spirits Vodka Canberra
  158. Valli Premium Organic Vodkas Hunter Valley
  159. Vitek Premium Vodka New South Wales
  160. Vodka O + Vodka 6100 Victoria
  161. Vodka Plus Victoria
  162. Waterview Distillery Queensland
  163. Wandering Distillery Victoria
  164. White Light Vodka Victoria
  165. Wild Brumby Distillery New South Wales
  166. Wild Wombats Spirits, Australia
  167. Wishbone Spirits Queensland
  168. William McHenry and Sons Puer Vodka Tasmania
  169. Yack Creek Distillery New South Wales
  170. Zeroed Liquor, New South Wales
  171. Zono Vodka, Victoria


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