Buying Australian Spirits Online

Now you’ve all been inspired to get your hands on the best Australia products, where do you buy them?

Here’s the list to show you the way.

Note, I have no commercial affiliation with any of these outlets, except one- see below, in fact most don’t even know I’ve listed them here!

Updated 21 March 2021 



CG Gin Co.

This Brisbane based online shop has all sorts of gin related goodies with an emphasis on Aussie products.





Dan Murphy’s

photo.jpgThe big retailer with stores all over Australia, but they have been doing their bit to see Australian products are introduced to the market.





Down Gin Lane  


A gin subscription club! They send members a curated selection of Australian craft gins each month. A interest blog too about the stories behind the gins they carry.



Garden Street Gin Club

Founded by partners Josh and Lauren, Garden Street was formed to provide Australians with quality craft gins from across Australia and around the world. You can the option of how long you can subscribe for, and the box includes tonics, garnishes and a magazine, plus the chosen gin.




MT19937.gifEstablished in 2017, Melbourne based Gintonica offers gin + tonic sets each month, plus a range of curated garnishes, bar equipment and Australia’s leading Gin Advent Calendar.

You can read the tasting notes from previous editions here. Disclaimer: I contribute to the Advent Calendar with tasting notes and selection of the spirits.


Gin Loot

New kids on the block. This polished service includes several gins each month (36 over 12 months) and access to exclusive insights and videos about the gins from Australia and around the world and people behind the brands.




Gin Society

Debuted in late 2018, this membership based company offers boutique gins from around the world, including Australia. Each gin comes with a glossy magazine about it, and its place of origin, plus new members receive a professional cocktail mixing set valued at $180!

You can check out my interview in an edition in their online magazine here.



Good Spirits

New in 2020, this company also offers bottled cocktails from some of Melbourne’s leading bars  along with Australian craft spirits.



Masters of Malt




This is a UK based website, but it also carries Australian products. Useful for my pals in the northern hemisphere.



Nip of Courage 

Good friends of the Martini Whisperer, this company also represents and distributes many of the best craft spirits in Australia. They specialise in hand made products from around the country, each with a great backstory and commitment to sustainability.



The Gin Boutique



The new kids on the block and based in the national capital Canberra, they are an online hub for quality, small batch gins that have been crafted by independent distilleries, both Australian and international and related products.



The Gin Birds

New in 2019, The Gin Birds, Chamaine Lovett and Suzan Temizer specialise in Australian craft gins only. Boxes are shipped with tasting notes, cocktail recipes and of course, a bottle of gin for $90.00.




True North Spirits

19511281_450047082038428_2231432033520508557_nEstablished in 2017, this service offers beautifully packaged craft spirits and gift packs that can be purchased via subscription or as an one off.  By joining as a member, with several options available, you gain access to a range of services, information and of course, lovely spirits from around the world.



Vintage Direct

VintageDirectTopImage_NewOne of my favourites in Melbourne, also known as A long established store and online presence, not much they don’t carry and the website has some useful tasting notes.


White Possum   

wp_logoWhite Possum runs an online subscription service which delivers boutique spirits made by Australian distilleries. They send subscribers a personalized box containing a bottle of gin, whisky, vodka or liqueur, along with a distillery fact sheet describing the journey of its craftsmen.