New Zealand Gin Distillers List

The Kiwis are a long way from most places, and I think that’s fostered their self-reliance, global world view, and a pursuit of excellence in pretty much everything. 

At the time of writing there about 50 gin distilleries in New Zealand with many more coming emerging small batch operations.

In March 2019, I had the honour of being a guest international judge at their inaugural craft spirits awards in Wellington- you can read about that experience and the winners here.

Here’s a list of the current distillers, note the makers may have released multiple gin labels, so this list does not include every release available.

Want to learn more? Check my October 2019 feature article in Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine.

Updated 17 September 2020

  1. 1st Cut Gin, Nelson
  2. 1919 Distillery Gin, Auckland
  3. Ariki Gin, Auckland
  4. Armada Spirits, Bay of Plenty
  5. Blenheim Bay Gin, Blenheim
  6. Black Robin Gin, Auckland
  7. Black Collar Distillery, Bay of Islands
  8. Blush Gin, Albany
  9. Broken Heart Gin, Queenstown
  10. Bureaucrats Gin, Wellington
  11. Cardona, Cardona, South Island
  12. Christie’s Crisp Gin, New Zealand (no website)
  13. Curiosity Gin,Christchurch
  14. Dancing Sands Distillery, Takaka
  15. Dellows Distillery, Waiheke
  16. Denzian Urban Distillery, Wellington
  17. Elementals Spirits, Malborough
  18. First Cut, Nelson
  19. Gin and Bare it Gin, Central Otago
  20. Golden Bay Distillery, Golden Bay
  21. Hidden World Gin, Auckland
  22. Indiginous Gin, Kapiti
  23. Island Gin, Great Barrier Island
  24. Juno Gin, New Plymouth
  25. Karven Gin, Auckland
  26. Kiwi Spirit, Takaka
  27. Lavender Hill, Coatesville
  28. Lighthouse Gin, Martinborough
  29. Little Biddy, Reefton
  30. Liquid Alchemy, Nelson
  31. Matakana Moonshine Gin, Matakana
  32. Mahurangi Gin, Waiwera
  33. National Distillery Hemp and Adorn Gin, Napier
  34. Prenzel Shop Marlborough
  35. Puhoi Organic Distillery, Puhoi
  36. Rogue Society Gin, Auckland
  37. Reid & Reid, Martinborough
  38. Revenge Gin, Auckland
  39. Roaring Forties, Nelson
  40. Rifters Gin, Arrowtown
  41. Riot and Rose, Marlborough
  42. Sacred Spring Gin, Takaka
  43. Smoke and Oakum
  44. Solace Gin, made by Kings Liquor
  45. South Gin (out of production)
  46. Southward Distilling Small Batch gin, Wellington
  47. Squealing Pig Wines, South Island
  48. Sundown Gin, Auckland
  49. Thomsons Victor Gin , Ricverhead
  50. The Source Gin, Cardrona
  51. TeKiwi Unique Gin, Takaka
  52. Vaione Gin, Auckland
  53. Victor Gins Riverhead
  54. Waitoki Washhouse Distillery, Waitoki
  55. Waiwera Mahurangi Gin, Waiwera
  56. Wild Diamond Gin, Wanaka

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