Interview on US Modernist Radio!

During my recent adventures in Palm Springs to experience the fabulous Modernism Week festival I had a ball in one of the natural habitats of the Martini.

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know I was never far from a Martini during my trip, and the best thing about all those swanky cocktail parties was the people one met.

Along the way at a fundraising soiree aptly called, Martinis on the Mountain, which was a spectacular,  I met George Smart, Executive Director, US


One thing led to another and the next thing I know I’m being interviewed poolside at a swank hotel for his highly popular US Modernist Radio podcast series which features the who’s who of architecture, modernism, mid-century style, design and yes, cocktail culture!

Listen to the episode here!

You can also tune in to them via iTunes and most major podcast networks.

So mix yourself something agreeable, get comfy and enjoy this fun chat on modernism, cocktails, Martini lifestyle and more!

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