Martini Masterclass Captured Visually!

Recently I was contacted by Gavin Blake, who is a very talented Australian graphics scribe who wanted to stretch his creative chops by capturing one of my events.

I’d seen his work at TEDx and elsewhere it was always amazing to me how he can capture in real time the essence of an event, whether it’s a TED talk, board room meeting, a team building session, or anything really.

Essentially, and he makes it look really easy, he draws as the event goes on a series of panels aiming to capture the essence of the thing in an arresting narrative.

So last month he came along to one of my popular Martini Masterclasses I host at Pialligo Estate most months (and elsewhere such as people’s homes) and this is the result.

Since I was busy doing my thing, I quite forgot he was there most of the time, and afterwards we had a couple of sessions to fact check etc to arrive at the resulting illustration.

I just love them.

In his own words:

Scribing is an act of empathy. Scribing is the visual communication of the spoken word. It involves focused listening, summarising, visualising and drawing; resulting in a content rich visual artefact.

Scribing helps people engage with experiences at expos and conferences, improves their memory of the event and facilitates sharing of the experience. 

So here’s the five panels, and the full screen is presented below!

About Gavin 

Gavin Blake is an Australian visual scribe based on Canberra. He participates in large conferences at home and abroad by listening to spoken word content and drawing in real time, creating a visual summary of the experience that is used by the participants as a reminder of the event, as well as a prop for participants to share the experience with others.

Gavin also makes animations, posters, and comics that help leaders communicate complex concepts to wider audiences in an easy to understand, digestible and memorable way. You can find out more about his work here.


PS Here’s the one he did capturing my TEDx Canberra talk! You can watch the talk here on YouTube.