It’s a wrap for 2022.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to say a fond farewell to the somewhat random, and intense year that was 2022.

I do hope you feel you are in a better place than when you started, I do, but one had to struggle to get here at times, and so I love the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the craft spirits and cocktail scene locally.

As an industry, the Australian craft spirits scene is at a really interesting moment, it’s still growing, it’s dynamic, but I think it’s going to be hard for the 95% of the market, made up of small, family owned businesses, often in regional areas, when a few brands dominate the segment – especially in the gin category.

I also wonder how viable Australian whisky and single malt producers are going to be, as more releases come on the market, at a premium, into a market that may take some persuading, especially when comparing price points with imported releases.

A segment that I think has a ways to go, but lots of potential, is contemporary rum in Australia, I see this spectrum of spirits an exciting one, with lots of variety and innovation.

As you know, I’ve been updating the lists of Australian craft spirits producers (plus more recently Japanese and New Zealand) for over a decade now each month.  The tally of producers (noting there will be some making more of one type of spirit) comes to as of today…..

  • Australian Gin: 550
  • New Zealand: 107
  • Australian Whisky: 155
  • Australian Rum: 64
  • Australian Vodka: 183

And I fully expect that growth in numbers to continue, with hyper-local and small batch being the thing for communities and places to rally behind.

You’ll find links to all the lists and more, via the Article Index page here.

Also here’s my last Instagram Live event for the year (I do them monthly on various themes), so mix yourself something agreeable in a glass, get comfy and tune in to find out my:

– best Martini experience of ‘22
– what olives are good for Martinis
– trends for Australian craft spirits
– my fave spirit releases this year
– my Aussie Vermouth recommendations
– the evolution of the cocktail glass
– and more! 🍸

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Looking ahead, I’ll be in Tasmania in a few weeks time (mid-January 2023) to attend their gin festival, Ginunuary, back after a hiatus of few years, and meet again after so long, the talented mob of Tassie distillers, so look out for videos and interviews with them in the coming months and also on my social channels for daily and weekly updates.

I’ll also be switching my review/ article format here, as I’m simply not keeping up with the samples coming my way, so you’ll see more video and shorter profiles plus distillery q+a to keep up with demand. There’s only so much of me to go about!

I also hope to be returning to New Zealand in May as one of their invited international judges again for their peak craft spirits awards, a great honour I’m really looking forward to. Here’s an article of my first experience there, the NZ gins are really world class.

Plus I’ll be presenting again a series of hosted cocktail and craft spirits experiences around Australia, so stay tuned, and as they say, and more to come.

So finally, a heart felt thank you for tuning in, and your support as ever, your good vibes coming my way mean a great day to me.

May 2023 bring all good things to you and yours.



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