Australian Single Malt + Blended + Rye Distillers Lists

To sit along side the lists of Australian RumGin and Vodka and Vermouth here on the website, I’ve have compiled the following list of commercial producers Single Malt Whisky, Rye Whisky and blended Scotch and other expressions.

Many of these have established a reputation for world class spirits. I enjoy presenting the new wave of Aussie whisky/ whisky through a series of masterclasses I present at venues around Australia and telling the stories of the history of the spirit in Australia and the contemporary distillers journeys.

Some of these distillers are in the process of releasing their bottles, so may not have stock at time of publishing, please contact them directly.  

Also in some instances they are producers, rather than distillers, meaning that their spirits are made under contract by another distiller.

Last Updated 13 August 2023 

  1. 36 Short Distillery, Adelaide, South Australia
  2. 3 Souls Whisky,  South Australia
  3. 2020 Distillery, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  4. Alchymia Distillery, Tasmania
  5. Amber Lane Distillery, Yarramalong Valley New South Wales
  6. Adam’s Distillery, Glen Ireh Estate at Perth, Tasmania
  7. Adelaide Hills Distillery, South Australia
  8. Adelaide Whisky Co, South Australia
  9. Aisling Distillery, Griffith, New South Wales
  10. Applewood Distillery, Adelaide Hills South Australia
  11. Archie Rose Distillery, Sydney, New South Wales
  12. Art of Booze, Tasmania – in development
  13. Ancient Wisdom Distillery, Victoria
  14. Australian Whiskey Company, The Summit Queensland
  15. Backwoods Distilling Company, Yackandandah, Victoria
  16. Bakery Hill, Bayswater, Dandenong Foothills, Victoria
  17. Barrs Lane, Melbourne, Victoria
  18. Battery Point Distillery, Tasmania
  19. Bathurst Grange Distillery, New South Wales
  20. Beenleigh Distillers, Queensland
  21. Belgrove Distillery, Kempton, Tasmania
  22. Bellarine Distillery, Geelong, Victoria
  23. Bingil Bay Distillery, Queensland
  24. Black Gate Distillery, Mendooran, New South Wales
  25. Blue Still, Young New South Wales
  26. Bogan Road Distillery, Tasmania
  27. Brogan Brothers, Gerringong, New South Wales
  28. Bunker Hill Distillery, New South Wales
  29. Callington Mill Distillery, Tasmania
  30. Carrington Lane, Sydney New South Wales
  31. Cape Byron Distillery, New South Wales
  32. Catcher and Co, Cooma, New South Wales
  33. Castle Glen Distillery, The Summit, Queensland
  34. Central Coast Distilling Co, New South Wales  – new! 
  35. Cheers Mate Distillery, Canberra
  36. Chief’s Son Distillery, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
  37. Coastal Stone Whisky, (Manly Distillery) New South Wales
  38. Cora Linn Distillery Relbia, Tasmania
  39. Corowa Whisky, Corowa New South Wales
  40. Cradle Mountain Whisky, Cradle Mountain Tasmania
  41. Craft Works Distillery, Capertree, New South Wales
  42. Cut Hill Distillery, Hindmarsh, South Australia
  43. Darby-Norris Distillery, Tamar Valley, Tasmania
  44. Defiance Distillery, New South Wales
  45. Derwent Distillery, Tasmania
  46. Deviant Distillery, Moonah Tasmania
  47. Distrikt Whiskey – new!
  48. Dobson’s Distillery, Kentucky New South Wales
  49. Dark Valley Distillery, Malbina, Tasmania
  50. Dugite Whiskey, Western Australia
  51. Dusty Barrel Distillery, Victoria
  52. Edge of the World Distillery, Tasmania
  53. Eden Whisky Distillery, Tasmania
  54. Fanny’s Bay Distillery, Tasmania
  55. Five Nines Distillery, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
  56. Fleurieu Distillery, Goolwa South Australia
  57. Freemantle Spirits Company, Western Australia
  58. Future Proof Distilling, Victoria  – new!
  59. Geographe Distillery, Myalup, Western Australia
  60. Great Southern Distilling Company, Albany, Western Australia
  61. Gillies Brothers Distillery, Yass, New South Wales
  62. Golden Lion Distillery, Coorowa, New South Wales
  63. Headlands Distilling Co, New South Wales  
  64. Hidden Lake Distillery, Tasmania
  65. Hoochery Distillery, Kununurra, Western Australia
  66. Heartwood Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania
  67. Heddles and Son’s Whisky
  68. Hellyer’s Road Distillery, Burnie, North West Tasmania
  69. Highway Man Whisky, Byron Bay, New South Wales
  70. Hillwood Whisky, Tamar Valley, Tasmania
  71. Hobart Whisky, Hobart, Tasmania
  72. Hunter Island Whisky, Tasmania
  73. Iniquity Whisky, Wellland South Australia
  74. Ironbark Distillery, North Richmond, New South Wales
  75. Ironhouse Distillery, Ironhouse Point, Tasmania
  76. Joadja Distillery, Southern Highlands, New South Wales
  77. Jones and Smith Distillery, Orange, New South Wales
  78. Killara Distillery, Tasmania
  79. Kinglake Distillery, Victoria
  80. Kitty Hawk Distillery, Queensland  – new! 
  81. Launceston Distillery, Tasmania (Hanger 17)
  82. Lawrenny Distillery, Tasmania
  83. Limeburners Distillery, Albany, Western Australia
  84. Ladbroken Distilling Co, New South Wales 
  85. Lark Distillery Hobart, Tasmania
  86. LisaAndras Distillery, Perth, Western Australia
  87. Lower Marsh Distillery, Tasmania
  88. Manly Spirits, New South Wales
  89. McLaren Vale Distillery, South Australia
  90. McHenry & Sons Distillery, Port Arthur, South Australia
  91. McRobert Distillery, Armadale, Western Australia
  92. Melbourne Moonshine Company, Melbourne, Victoria
  93. Morris Australian Single Malt Whisky, Rutherglen, Victoria
  94. Mount Uncle Distillery, North Queensland
  95. Mouth Compass Spirits, South Australia
  96. Nant Distillery, Bothwell, Central Tasmania
  97. Ned Whisky, Melbourne Victoria
  98. New World Distillery, Melbourne, Victoria
  99. Newcastle Distilling, Newcastle, New South Wales
  100. Noble Bootleggers, Victoria
  101. Noosa Heads Distillery, Queensland
  102. Nonesuch Distillery, Dodges Ferry Tasmania
  103. Ostra Distillers, Robinvale, Victoria
  104. Old Kempton Distillery, Tasmania
  105. Old Young’s Distillery, Swan Valley, Western Australia
  106. Otter Craft Distilling, Riverina, New South Wales
  107. Overeem / Old Hobart Distillery, Hobart, Tasmania
  108. Port Cygnet Distillery, Tasmania
  109. Queenscliff Distillery, Victoria
  110. Redlands Estate, Plenty Tasmania
  111. Remnant Distillery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania
  112. Ricohetray Whiskey, Mt. Barker, South Australia
  113. Riverbourne Distillery, Jingera, New South Wales
  114. Rochfort Distillery, Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia
  115. Roylancer Distillery, Mannum, South Australia
  116. Samuel Smith and Son, Barossa Valley, South Australia
  117. Sandy Gray Whisky Company, NW Tasmania
  118. Saara Distilleries, location unknown
  119. Sawford Distillery, Kingston Tasmania
  120. Section 44 Distillery, Tasmania  – new! 
  121. Shene Estate Distillery, Pontville Tasmania  > now Lark Distillery 
  122. Shipyard Distillery, Central Coast, New South Wales
  123. Silver Moon Distilling, Sydney, New South Wales
  124. Smith’s Angaston, Barossa Valley, South Australia, website not available
  125. Southern Wild Distillery, Devonport, Tasmania
  126. Spring Bay Distillery, Tasmania
  127. Spirit Thief Distilling, Hunting Field Tasmania   
  128. Spirit of Sydney, New South Wales
  129. Starward (New World Whisky Distillery), Melbourne Victoria
  130. Stillmaker and Sons Distillery, Queensland
  131. Sullivans Cove / Tasmania Distillery, Cambridge, Tasmania
  132. Swiftcrest Distillery, Delatite Victoria
  133. Taylor and Smith Distillery, Tasmania
  134. Tamar Valley Distillery, Tasmania
  135. Tara Distillery, Shoalhaven, New South Wales
  136. The Aisling Distillery, Griffith, New South Wales
  137. The Canberra Distillery, ACT
  138. The Canna Co, Victoria
  139. The Derwent Distilling Co. Tasmania
  140. The Gospel Whiskey Distillery, Melbourne, Victoria
  141. The Grove, Margaret River, Western Australia
  142. The Siding Gerringong, New South Wales
  143. The Spirit Thief, Tasmania/ South Australian collaboration
  144. Thornbury Spirits Co. Tasmania
  145. Timboon Railway Shed Distillery, Timboon, South West Victoria
  146. Time Traveller Distillery, New South Wales 
  147. Tin Shed Distillery, South Australia
  148. Tryptych Distllery, Yarra Valley Victoria
  149. Trappers Hut Distillery, Tasmania
  150. Transportation Whiskey, Tasmania
  151. Tria Prima, South Australia
  152. Tully Distillery, Western Australia
  153. Underground Spirits, Canberra
  154. Union Brewery and Distillery, Western Australia – new!
  155. Voyager Craft Malt, Whitten, New South Wales
  156. Waubs Harbour Whisky, Tasmania
  157. Western Tiers Distillery, Westbury Tasmania
  158. Wild Swan Distillery, Swan Valley Western Australia
  159. Wild River Mountain Distillery, Queensland
  160. Whipper Snapper Distillery, Perth, Western Australia
  161. William McHenry & Sons Distillery, Tasmania
  162. Winding Road Distillery, New South Wales
  163. Wolf and Woman Distillery, New South Wales
  164. Woodwater Distillery, South Australia
  165. Yack Creek Distillery, Victoria
  166. Young Henry’s, Sydney New South Wales