New look + feel for blog.


Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve refreshed the blog to make it, hopefully, easier for you to see all the past posts you may have missed.

I noticed that the previous version didn’t reveal some of the most popular posts, unless you searched for them, and the new format makes them much more accessible.

I think its also somewhat more elegant befitting a Martini blog!

I hope you like it.

FYI, I’m just about to tick over 25000 views of the blog, so thank you!

The 10 most popular posts to date are:

Thanks again for your support and interest.

Happy Cocktails.


2 thoughts on “New look + feel for blog.”

  1. I don’t know what your old look and feel was like, but the new one looks great. The Spun theme is one of my favourite layouts. It doesn’t work for me but I think it looks beautiful and elegant for blogs with great images. I enjoyed your Australian gins post – I had no idea that so many were made here! I have got to stop only buying the brands I know.

    1. Hi- thanks so much on all counts! Yes, there has been a real surge of new labels in the past couple of years and many more to come I’ve been told, so we’ll be sipping in style for a while yet I reckon. Thanks for swinging past. Cheers Phillip

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