Review: Loch Distillery Gin Liqueur

IMG_1343Gin is for drinking and mixing, but it’s also for sipping.

Most of us consume it in a cocktail or in the classic G+T, so its flavour is often disguised.

I like to try a new gin neatly chilled to get to know it better before getting busy with the mixing so I know what I’m working with.

But how about a gin that is designed to be sipped proper-like all by itself?

Well, that’s what the lovely team at Loch Distillery in Gippsland Victoria have done, they’ve produced a Gin Liqueur.


With a fine London Dry style gin under their belts, they’ve come up with this semi-sweet version.

It retains the light spicy nose of its big sister, but is much richer on the palette with a perfect level of sweetness, giving you both a very clean finish and a desire for another sip.  This spirit is deceptively simply, but all you need to know is that its simply delicious and would appeal to non-gin drinkers.

I could easily imagine it working a treat in a sorbet too.

So if you love the idea of a gin for dessert, contemplatively in the bath or front of a fire with a good book, then reach out to them for a bottle.


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  • Purchase via Cellar Door or  mail-order
  • Address: Loch Brewery & Distillery is located at 44 Victoria Road, Loch, Victoria
  • Cellar Door operates Friday to Sunday 12 – 5pm.
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This review is of an unsolicited product supplied by the distiller. Views are entirely those of the author.