TEDx Canberra – The Martini

12196188_10153264049661167_2886057964997177427_nUPDATED 10 December

Well, on Sunday I had the privilege of being on the TEDx Canberra stage and sharing my enthusiasm for the Martini.

Quite an experience all round.

I want to pay tribute to everyone on the team who made the event possible.

One of the highlights of my life.

Anyways, I’ve put down some thoughts on my TEDx journey on my Two Degrees Group blog.


The video of my talk will be posted in the new year.


I’m thrilled  + honoured to announce that I’ve been invited to talk at the next TEDx Canberra event.

My theme? Why, the Martini of course!

I’ve had to keep this under my hat for a bit, but details of the event are now live on the TEDx Canberra website and you can register to attend online.

It is being held at the National Sound and Film Archive in Canberra on the afternoon of Sunday 6 December.

I’ll be presenting in some esteemed company, and will be the last speaker on the program to get everyone in the mood for cocktail hour afterwards.

I’m both mindful of the opportunity this is, and quietly full of butterflies. But as someone once remarked about TED audiences, they are the best you can have as a speaker, they’re all there for you and the room is full of positive vibes.

To get a feel for TEDx Canberra events, see this short clip.

So I’m working hard on my talk every day so its up to the high standard.

Oh, and I’ve been doing plenty of field research on the subject, just in case!

I won’t ruin the surprise with what I’ll go into on the day, but I hope you can join me in what I think is a TED first.  I recommend you book right away, they ALWAYS sell out.

The event will be filmed and uploaded later, so if you can’t be there, you’ll have the chance to see it when I’ll do a post talk article.

Wish me luck!!

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