Review: Nonesuch Distillery Dry Gin

IMG_35942015 was a vintage year for Australian gins with over 25 new labels released from new or existing distilleries.

A record for Australia I think.

As I’ve surveyed these gin releases I’ve been struck by three things:

  • There is a real spirit of supportive collaboration between makers, they understand that all boats can rise together
  • Whilst many are solo or duo person operations, they work their tails off to craft a world class product. All I’ve experienced come up to a respectable level of craft and finesse, with some on par with some of the world’s best.
  • In true Aussie fashion, they’re all ‘having a go’, and not sitting still. They learn, listen from their market and continue to refine and create new products.

So this year I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with a new distillery in Tasmania that typifies all of this, Nonesuch, when they shared their first release, a Sloe Gin, with me for a review.

Since then they’ve been working on a classic London Dry style gin, and here it is.

They’ve gone all the classic botanicals with a twist: Juniper,  Citrus, Liquorice, Orris Root, Angelica, Coriander, Cardamon and Wattle Seed.

Located outside Hobart in rural Tasmania, on a farm, husband and wife team Rex and Annette Burdon have worked hard to build up their brand and they distil in small batches to ensure there is no drop in quality.

Tasting Notes

  • Neat: Nose is intense and spiced and I picked out the liquorice and citrus, but its all nicely integrated. On the palette its rich and creamy with plenty of heat up front with a residual sweetness.
  • Martini: This worked well for me. Although only 40% alcohol by volume (slightly less that many other gins which can land at 42%+) the juniper and other botanicals give the spirit depth and bite. on the palette.
  • The spice notes are forward and it leaves a clean finish. This gin could easily handle being a dirty Martini no problem, or a bigger dose of vermouth if you don’t like your cocktail too dry. Its got a personality that lends itself to most cocktail situations.

The Take Home

  • A solid and well crafted debut London Dry gin that sits nicely in the middle of the spectrum of Aussie gin flavour profiles, which is what we need in the market I think.
  • For me it evokes the old-school classic styles of Beefeater and Tanqueray gins (this is a good thing  IMHO) that makes for a very versatile gin that won’t outstay its welcome.  4 stars.


Disclaimer: This review was the result of an unsolicited sample bottle provided by the distillery. Views are my own.