It’s a Wrap: World Gin Dinner Day 2016


Well, that was fun.

A room full of 80 gin-loving, stylish and friendly people enjoying the best that Australian craft spirits and cuisine can offer is my idea of heaven.

But to make all that possible takes a lot of hard work and skill of course. So I wanted this post to focus on my event partners who made it all possible.

When I pitched the idea several months back to the team at the superb Pialligo Estate and leading craft spirit distributors Nip of Courage they didn’t hesitate to get behind it from the get-go.

What I’ve always been on about since establishing this website is to widen the awareness and appreciation of the craft spirit scene here in Australia. They’re the real heroes who devote themselves to finding perfection in whatever it is they’re creating, and often at sacrificing creature comforts and the safety of a regular income.

So after a welcome martini and some remarks by yours truely, we settled in for a degustation of several courses such as Pork Belly braised in jasmine tea and McHenry Sloe Gin with berry crumble, served with my Pialligo Estate punch.

We were also treated to some insights from the distillers from Young Henry’s Richard ]and Joshua who gave the guests their expert insights into craft gin scene generally, and the processes that go into making their spirit.


Richard and Joshua from Young Henry’s were our guest stars for the evening.
Slow cooked Atlantic salmon featuring Noble Cut Gin, with apples,lime and celery

So the event was designed around several gins from the Nip of Courage portfolio, both in the menu and the cocktails I designed to match.



Welcome Martini

  • 1 part Castegna Vermouth
  • 3 parts Loch Brewery Weaver Gin
  • Stirred and garnished with either a sprig of either fresh thyme or rosemary

Weekend in the Country Martini 

  • 1 part Noilly Prat Vermouth
  • 3 Parts of Young Henry’s Noble Cut Gin
  • Stirred and garnished with thin cut lemon zest and a few drops of Fee Brothers Barrel Aged Orange Bitters

Pialligo Punch

  • 1 part Castegna Vemouth
  • 3 Parts McHenry Sloe Gin
  • A small dash of Blended Scotch
  • Leave to rest for a couple of oranges with a think cut orange rind and blackberry.
  • Prior to serving add one part very warm water and stir.

I also offered a tasting table so guests could sample the gins in their natural state, with the Sloe Gin from McHenry, Loch Brewery Liqueur Gin and Stone Pine Dry Gins being real hits.

Where to Buy

You can purchase all the gins and vermouth showcased featured on the night via Nip of Courage’s online shop.


You can see all the style and fun of the night on the Martini Whisperer facebook page.

So thanks again to everyone who came, and especially the generosity of Nip of Courage and the distillers involved in this successful showcase.

See you all next year!