Upcoming Reviews and other updates

img_8618Gosh, how do it get to November already?

As you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram I took time for a fabulous vacation in New Mexico, Arizona and Palm Springs recently and was very happy to be in the home of the Martini!

I’ll have more to say about the cocktail and craft spirits adventures I had along the way soon.

Whilst I had an amazing time thanks to the famous American hospitality and gorgeous landscapes (and plenty of New Mexico chile!) I’ve returned to something of a backlog of spirits to review.

So to let you know what’s in the pipeline in the next month or so, here’s the list.


  • NB London Dry Citrus Vodka from Scotland
  • West Winds Barrel Expedition special release from Western Australia
  • 78 Degrees Gin from the Adelaide Hills Distillery, South Australia
  • Wheeler’s Gin from the Santa Fe Spirits, New Mexico
  • Artemis Gin from Melbourne
  • Wild Brumby Gin from the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales
  • Bathtub Gin + Sly Fox Vodka from Catcher and Co Distillery in Cooma, New South Wales

So plenty to look forward to.

You can also expect some more guest contributor reviews from Sweden and Australia too.

img_8225Also, I’ve updated the lists I’ve kept since starting this website back in 2013 of all the

On those pages you’ll find lists of the distillers and links to their websites, plus my scores or reviews where I’ve experienced them.

I am to ensure these are the definitive lists, and if by chance if I’ve missed some, please do let me know.

The boom of craft spirits seems no sign of slowing down, and happily the quality across the board is very high with the industry being very collaborative and supportive.  Makes my job a real pleasure!

I’ve some big plans for next year to tell that story, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile I better get cracking on those reviews.



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