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26229340_1561052640640845_6281385668440439141_nEp25 – Sean Forsyth
Sean Forsyth and I have a chat at the recently opened, Osbourne Hotel.  At the time of recording, Sean is between representing Asahi and Brown Forman.


This is a nice long episode full of content, with stories, industry insights and commentary on trends and developments in the world of cocktails and spirits.

Sean’s hospitality experience spans two decades and the number of things he’s done in that time is unbelievable.
Ep26 – Carmen Hartwich 

The episode today jumps into ‘wine’ – we wander into topics like Old World vs New World, primary and secondary flavours, decanting, terroir – if it’s wine-related, we go there today.

So sit back and enjoy, Carmen’s lovely sultry voice, as we open up some all kinds of complex concepts, wine-making intricacies, and of course, stories, insights and experiences – including, why you should always buy a 2012 South Australian wine.

‘[Decanting] is like waking wine up from a deep sleep’ – Carmen Hartwich

Ep27 – John Hyslop

Today on the show, we make some controversial statements about the art of spirit-making and what it means to apply some of the technological opportunities available now. John’s business Deviant Distilling revolves around capitalising on some of these – he explains how they reduce the environmental impact of the process, the science behind distilling and the inner-workings behind building a distillery.

As I mentioned, we make a couple of comments that are likely to polarise you – chances are, if you’re a traditionalist, you might get a bit cranky – but if you go in with an open mind, to innovation, we’ll all get excited together.

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About our Guest Contributor

13892179_10210319980339394_2155427194259121835_nEntrepreneur and Hospitality Professional, James Henderson is from Brisbane, Australia and hosts The Hospopreneurs Podcast – a platform for creative and innovative minds to share their insights and experiences – to educate and inspire the growth and development of hospitality and more broadly, the business world.

As a ‘Playmaker, Storyteller and Abstract Thinker’, James has founded three companies and been involved in a range of other businesses and projects.
Among them, he has:
  • Created a music festival from a viral Facebook event – The City Bush Doof (radio interview here)
  • Built a hospitality rewards business, Ambi (having declined an offer to sell and which ultimately failed in 2015 – due to technological problems)
  • Contributed to the growth and development of service-related enterprises, consulting with business professionals across the hospitality, real estate, technology and entertainment industries.