March Hospopreneurs Podcast episodes

26229340_1561052640640845_6281385668440439141_nFrom our guest contributor James Henderson, here’s the latest instalments in his podcast series featuring some of the who’s who of the Australian hopitality industry!
Episode 28 – Rookie Rhodes with Ella Rhodes

Straight in for a bar brawl, before sharing her recent experience with Bacardi Legacy, my guest today, Ella Rhodes, Rookie Bartender of the Year shares her industry experience, competitions, and how she translates her creative process from art into hospitality.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.



Episode 29 – Feedback, Failure and Business Development with Nick Pinn

My guest today, Nick Pinn, has some amazing insights, developed over his entrepreneurial journey. Now owning 11 venues, Nick tells us how to get ground-floor customer feedback and how to utilise it by building an emotional investment, what ‘failure’ means and ultimately how to conceptualise, build and run a successful venue.

If you want towinin the hospitality game, listen carefully.

  • Glass Bar
  • ‘I’ve just made enough mistakes to learn’ – Nick Pinn 
  • Paul Hoffman
  • Drum Dining
  • Bar Metrics
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About our Guest Contributor

13892179_10210319980339394_2155427194259121835_nEntrepreneur and Hospitality Professional, James Henderson is from Brisbane, Australia and hosts The Hospopreneurs Podcast – a platform for creative and innovative minds to share their insights and experiences – to educate and inspire the growth and development of hospitality and more broadly, the business world.

As a ‘Playmaker, Storyteller and Abstract Thinker’, James has founded three companies and been involved in a range of other businesses and projects.
Among them, he has:
  • Created a music festival from a viral Facebook event – The City Bush Doof (radio interview here)
  • Built a hospitality rewards business, Ambi (having declined an offer to sell and which ultimately failed in 2015 – due to technological problems)
  • Contributed to the growth and development of service-related enterprises, consulting with business professionals across the hospitality, real estate, technology and entertainment industries.