Review: G Gin

20170805_165705“G” Gin from Skånska Spritfabriken, ”The best Gin and Tonic-gin in the World”.

Swedish gin producers are doing great now. Hernö is now world famous with lots of prizes and awards, and as usual they won plenty in last year’s IWSC.

But they weren’t the only Swedes to get awards, Stockholms Bränneri won three medals and a gin that I hadn’t heard about at the time won ”The best Gin and Tonic-gin in the World”.

I was of course really curious and got in touch with Jan Rothman, Master blender at Skånska Spritfabriken. Jan told me about their background and their production, and he also give me the opportunity to try their gin.

What´s special with your gin production?

Choice and composition of botanicals, and that we distiller in a totally magical still, an Alambic from France. We distil only one time so that we keep the ingredients tastes all the way. The more you distil the less of the ingredients character will remain in the product.

When did you start?

We started to experiment in 2009, but before that I worked for Moët Hennessy. We launched our first apple brandy in 2013 and our G Gin in 2016.

Why did you start to produce gin?

We started with apple brandy which is a really niche product in Sweden. After that we tried whisky and sold out in two weeks, after that we made gin because we had to wait three years for our whisky to be ready. Honestly, I was surprised, and in love with how good our gin turned out.

More about the Gin

This is an innovative company; besides G Gin they now produce several related products. They will release their own tonic that will match perfect to the gin, I’m really looking forward to that combination.

They also make a nonalcoholic, bottled Gin and Tonic that will be released shortly. Two cask aged gin is also available now, a G Gin Gold and a G Gin Rose which is stored on used casks from Bordeaux and have a nice touch of grape and cask.

G is produced as a London Dry Gin, so nothing is added after the distillation. The botanicals that is used is, juniper, cardamom, coriander and Angelica.

This is of course a gin perfect for Gin and Tonic, but can it be used for a good Dry Martini? I was curious to try.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Different! So much is happening, lots of juniper and cardamom in a spicy scent. Not much citrus.
  • Neat: Powerful with long and intense aftertaste and you can feel the high ABV. Juniper, pepper, cardamom is prominent. In the aftertaste I feel a lot of peppery notes and bread spices, it almost give me associations to Swedish gingerbreads.
  • Martini: 5 cl G gin with 0.5 cl Noilly Prat makes a nice, flavor full and well balanced Dry Martini with a long aftertaste. Lots of flavors from pepper, cardamom and other bread spices. Real dry, not so much juniper or citrus. A really nice Dry Martini with lots of character.
  • Gin and Tonic: This is so easy, 1 part G gin, 2 parts of a good and neutral tonic like Fever Tree, lots of ice and lemon or orange zest. Done, the best Gin and Tonic in the world!


The Take Home

Although G Gin is best for Gin and Tonic it is real good gin for Dry Martini and a all round cocktail gin.

A great gin that I highly recommend if you can get it, 5 of 5 stars!




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