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18380370_170548213473302_6978504815781347328_aAustralian Podcast Awards Finalists!
The Hospopreneurs Podcast was named a Finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards. We are very excited to see them among the top podcasts in Australia, now officially gaining international recognition – and wish James Henderson the best of luck in Melbourne for the event on the 5th of May.

Emma and Tom’s founder, Tom Griffith, takes us through his story – the story behind building a leading Australian healthy drink and snack business.

International corporate advisory, food manufacturing, packaging and processing, brand development and how a strategic partnership can explode your growth, are the sorts of topics we discuss today.

Grab your pen, your beer or other such listening instrument and welcome to episode 30.


Episode 31 – Fashion, Food and The Gram Fam with Ella Golding

Our chat with Ella Golding opens dialogue on social media and influencer marketing, trends and observations and how to take advantage of them.

As you know, I love thinking about the cogs behind our hedonistic nature and this episode delivers on some of that subtle commentary of the human condition.

Learning to look through an objective lens will help shape the brand you want to project, personally and professionally – and today, we look at this idea conceptually and technically.

I hope you enjoy.

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About our Guest Contributor

13892179_10210319980339394_2155427194259121835_nEntrepreneur and Hospitality Professional, James Henderson is from Brisbane, Australia and hosts The Hospopreneurs Podcast – a platform for creative and innovative minds to share their insights and experiences – to educate and inspire the growth and development of hospitality and more broadly, the business world.

As a ‘Playmaker, Storyteller and Abstract Thinker’, James has founded three companies and been involved in a range of other businesses and projects.
Among them, he has:
  • Created a music festival from a viral Facebook event – The City Bush Doof (radio interview here)
  • Built a hospitality rewards business, Ambi (having declined an offer to sell and which ultimately failed in 2015 – due to technological problems)
  • Contributed to the growth and development of service-related enterprises, consulting with business professionals across the hospitality, real estate, technology and entertainment industries.

You can follow James Henderson now on Instagram at @jimsesh and The Hospopreneurs Podcast at @hospopreneurs.