Review: Stockholms Bränneri Dry Gin Navy Strength

20180203_150243Stockholms Bränneri is one of my absolute favorite producers of gin in Sweden. If there is anything to remark on about their Dry Gin it would be the ABV.

I generally like a bit stronger gin and for Dry Martini, I really prefer quite strong gin. Some of my favorite Dry Martinis is made with “Navy Strength” 57%.


So with Stockholms Bränneri Dry Gin 40% I need to be very careful so the drink won’t be too diluted. 

Navy Strength is an old concept from the 18th century. The purpose was that the Navy wanted to be able to have their booze in the gun room, without risking that the gun powder was ruined if booze ran out on it. At 57% ABV the gun powder still could be lightened even if mixed with spirit.

This was an easy way to test, and to proof that the booze kept it´s ABV, hence the concept of “Proof”. 100% Proof equals 57% ABV. 

When I found out that Stockholms Bränneri produced a Navy Strength but that only was sold to restaurants and bars in Sweden I was really intrigued. As a consumer there is no way to buy it in Sweden so you can imagine that I was very happy when I found it in the small wine and spirit store ”Den gyldne loeve” in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Of course, a bottle was purchased and I’m heading home to make Dry Martini!

I was really surprised by the different in the taste, it´s always quite a taste different between two identical gin with different ABV, but this was a huge different. And sure, it’s a quite big step from 40% to 57% so you get a very much more concentrated product. And it tastes good, really good. Tastes and scents is much more clearer and stronger here.

Tasting Notes


  • Strong, a bit alcohol, fruity, I sense notes of citrus, rosemary and elderflower but not so much of juniper. 


  • The high ABV is clearly noticeable but not in an unpleasant way. Juniper and rosemary feels clearly together with a lot of elderflower. It´s very well balanced with a long aftertaste. 


  • I use 7 cl gin with 1 cl Noilly Prat. A strong but smooth drink, I feel a noticeable taste of anis and juniper. It marries perfect with the vermouth, a long and intensive aftertaste. Absolutely one of the best Dry Martinis I ever had!

Gin and Tonic

  • This is a gin that surely makes a perfect Gin & Tonic, but I really don´t want to use this for anything else then Dry Martini. I haven’t tried it yet, but if I should, I would use a neutral tonic like Fever Tree or Thomas Henry, lots of ice and a garnish that won’t take to much focus. 


The Take Home

5/5, at least!

This is an amazing gin, exactly in my taste. A classic London Dry with it´s own character without anything that take to much focus. Just a well-made, well balanced beautiful gin. It´s perfect for Dry Martini and I’ll probably buy a bottle every time I found a store that sells it. Amazing!




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