New Episodes: The Hospopreneurs Podcast – July 2018

IMG_0329-1What’s Been Happening?

James recently toured the Stone & Wood Brewery and interviewed founder, Jamie Cook, for an upcoming episode and is now also a contributor to the online publication, Data Driven Investor.

Episode 33 – More Than Just The Tipple, An Application of Creativity with Jimmy Burchett

Growing up all over world and experiencing every angle of hospitality, Jimmy Burchett is the new venue manager of Boilermaker House in Melbourne’s CBD, part of The Speakeasy Group.
Jimmy and James first met at The Ugly Duckling in Richmond and today converse over topics as wide and varied as glassware design and the creation of memories to cultural differences and the application of creativity.
Relax and enjoy!

Episode 34 – Building The Brainchild of John Collins (Powderfinger) – The Triffid with Brett Gibson

Brett Gibson, the venue manager of The Triffid, drops us a wealth of info today. As the first person who inspired me about hospitality, Brett pushed me to learn about foundational concepts like distillation methods and booze types, while I worked alongside him in my first bar job at Iceworks.

We look at everything from stage height to the expression of creativity and how Brett worked with Powderfinger Bassist, John Collins, to implement his vision and establish the venue we sat in to record.

Episode 35 – ‘From Property To Piccolos: What Do Venues Of An ‘On-Demand’ Future Look Like?’ with James Rennell

James Rennell entered hospitality from a different angle to many of my previous guests – his background is in property. This means a unique perspective from a business background.

Hospitality lured me in too and you’ll find out why on the show today.


You know by now that I’m never afraid to get into deeper conversation. Mitch Wilson and I discuss branding, business, booze and much more on the episode today, ‘ Picking A Popular Pineapple Product and Proud to Peddle Plantation with Mitch Wilson’.

Episode 37 – That’s Just Swill with James Irvine

James Irvine is a multi award-winning Australian bartender working with the Swillhouse Group – known for their popular Sydney venues (The Shady Pines Saloon, Baxter Inn, Frankie’s Pizza and Hubert).

We talk shop on team dynamics, hiring and firing and as always, the creative process.

James also has a hiccup remedy that I wholeheartedly agree with.


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Entrepreneur and Hospitality professional, James Henderson is from Brisbane, Australia and hosts The Hospopreneurs Podcast – a platform for creative and innovative minds to share their insights and experiences – to educate and inspire the growth and development of hospitality and more broadly, the business world.

As a ‘Playmaker, Storyteller and Abstract Thinker’, James has founded three companies and been involved in a range of other businesses and projects.
Among them, he has:
  • Created a music festival from a viral Facebook event – The City Bush Doof (radio interview here)
  • Built a hospitality rewards business, Ambi (having declined an offer to sell and which ultimately failed in 2015 – due to technological problems)
  • Contributed to the growth and development of service-related enterprises, consulting with business professionals across the hospitality, real estate, technology and entertainment industries.

You can follow James Henderson now on Instagram at @jimsesh and The Hospopreneurs Podcast at @hospopreneurs.