New Episodes: The Hospopreneurs Podcast – August 2018

What’s Been Happening?
There’s been a great deal of movement this month for The Hospopreneurs Podcast – in addition to joining Data Driven Investor last month, James is now a contributor to
Episode 38 – Parking The Caravan: Holiday Park Management and ‘That Bad Review’ with Adrian Easdown

Adrian Easdown joins us today on an episode shedding an interesting light on the world of holiday park management. He has a podcast of his own called ‘That Bad Review’, where we did an interview together immediately after recording this episode. We’ve got topics as varied as feedback loops and industry trends to augmented reality and human resource management.

Episode 39 – From West To East: Cross-Cultural Hustle with Hannah Keirl

Hannah Keirl gets abstract with us today on cultural differences and philosophy. We make some comments on the human condition, the way that language affects business and what Hannah means when she says ‘Monkey see, monkey do’ – it’s not what you think.

Episode 40 – Community Building and Bean Water

This is the first episode with two guests – Alex Lawton and Tyler Hood – they’re building a coffee community called The Monday – educating and inspiring the public on specialty coffee. Where passionate drinkers unite to learn about the Devil’s Cup. 

From community building and brand management to optimising the customer experience – we get into a lot in this episode.


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About our Guest Contributor


Entrepreneur and Hospitality professional, James Henderson is from Brisbane, Australia and hosts The Hospopreneurs Podcast – a platform for creative and innovative minds to share their insights and experiences – to educate and inspire the growth and development of hospitality and more broadly, the business world.

As a ‘Playmaker, Storyteller and Abstract Thinker’, James has founded three companies and been involved in a range of other businesses and projects.
Among them, he has:
  • Created a music festival from a viral Facebook event – The City Bush Doof (radio interview here)
  • Built a hospitality rewards business, Ambi (having declined an offer to sell and which ultimately failed in 2015 – due to technological problems)
  • Contributed to the growth and development of service-related enterprises, consulting with business professionals across the hospitality, real estate, technology and entertainment industries.

You can follow James Henderson now on Instagram at @jimsesh and The Hospopreneurs Podcast at @hospopreneurs.