Harrytivo Time Live and Fundraiser Event

There is only person who takes the daily ritual of Cocktail Hour more seriously than me, and that person is a dog!

Alas, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Harry a few days after this event due to a sudden illness. We were grateful for so many years of adventures, great company, love and course, many many cocktails together.

RIP Harry.

The Italians call that special time, Aperitivo time, but at Martini Whisperer HQ it’s Harrytivo after one special mutt.

I mix my Martini, and he gets a cracker, three on a Saturday. Every day. It’s a special time for us both.

Harry turned 17 (yep) on the 31st October and to celebrate his Birthday I did a Facebook live broadcast.

You can watch the video here (goes for about 20 minutes) which includes a tour of my bar, Martinis and dogs of course.