The Six Types of Martini (and no, they’re not what you think they are)

We’ve all been there, I suspect quite often, these past few months.

It’s that time of day when we reach for a chilled Martini for a variety of reasons.

I’ve often said previously that the Martini demands to be drunk with respect and intention. It’s always an occasion, or should be.

That said we all get thirsty, and sometimes it’s a case of get that thing in me right now.

I’m not to recommend drinking as therapy, but since we’re all adults here, who are we kidding? It’s the reason that booze was created, to escape our woes, or be inspired, if only for a time.

Of course, what goes up, does come down, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  If you want to explore the downside, this article on hangovers might be of use.

But back to the topic, I’ve found that the modes of drinking a Martini can be divided into six main categories, such as here, which I’ll file under Necessity…. language warning by the way. A fun scene from a clever black comedy, A Simple Favor.

So having quite a bit of life experience when it comes to the Martini (I estimate I must craft well over 2000 a year by the way), here’s the six types of Martini.


Sometimes you just want to relax. You’re not after some epiphany from your sipping experience, you’re home, you’re done making statements and trying to impress. This is your time. You opt for your favourite gin, the music’s right in the background, and that first sip is like a cosy sweater on a cool evening, saying that everything is alright.


Time to step out, or in, with fine company. You’re drinking Martinis because the occasion demands it. You may not even drink the cocktail, but just holding one in your hand takes your look and vibe to the next level that only a Martini can do. The time, place and people are all elevated with the presence of a Martini.


Sometimes you’re up for a little adventure.  Perhaps you can’t go somewhere in person, but you can travel in spirit. You’re looking to expand your horizons and take a little risk even, you order a new spirit. Perhaps the bar makes a suggestion, or the new bottle on the shelf has caught your eye, time to get acquainted and go places.


As the character Roger Sterling from Mad Men once said on sipping something agreeable, “ah, that’s where you’ve been.” (1m:48s in this clip) . Some days, are just those sort of days, and you need something to cut it down to size, and get the perspective that maybe it wasn’t so bad, and tomorrow is another day.  Note, sometimes it may take several cocktails to get to that point.


A close relation to the Perspective Martini, the Necessity is there when nothing else will do but give you the reset that’s required. Only a cold, still, bracing Martini will give you the Hemmingway like slap to get things back in order.

For example. I’m a very experienced drive, but I once had the drive from hell from Palm Springs to LAX over several hours through it’s infamous traffic trying to make a flight. By the time I arrived at the airport I needed a drink, a big, strong one. Imagine my joy when the airport lounge were serving complimentary Martinis, very good they were too (image above was one of those).

The heavens were once again in harmony in my world.



Finally there’s the Tribute Martini, it’s that fun and positive one that is drunk in celebration, or homage to a particular person or idea. Perhaps your a Bond fan, and a Vesper is called for, or your toasting someone and only a Martini will do justice to them, or perhaps, this one is just for you for being fabulous today.

I’d love to hear your experiences of any of these below. Stay well!

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