New Look Website!

I’ve also had a big soft spot for my dear readers and over 1000 subscribers of my website. Many of you were there long before I expanded into the social channels, and your support and interest is deeply appreciated. Just wanted to say that.

If you swing past the site now you’ll notice a few changes regarding it’s look and hopefully accessibility.

Since it’s getting so much traffic, now in it’s either year having grown year on year substantially, and with over 230 articles published, I thought it needed a bit of a refresh.

The font and links are much more contemporary, and I’ve provided short grabs for each article so you can see more about what they are about.

Note, all the articles are found either by searching by topic or keyword at the top right, or the Index page which is on the main menu at top.

I’ve also ensure you can easily discover the content on my other social media channels, each with unique content, so there’s good stuff on the Instagram, Facebook or my YouTube channel as you might like. I don’t repeat content as a rule across them, so take a moment please to visit them and subscribe and follow so you don’t miss out.

There are daily posts + inspiration  (temptation some may say) on Instagram and Facebook, plus weekly new clips on YouTube, over 50 of those now, and of course weekly articles here.  Not to mention the occasion live stream on Insta and FB which I’m trying to make a weekly thing.


Join the team or have a suggestion?

Note, I’m seeking new contributors, so if you’ve a writing itch, and are keen to share your enthusiasms and insights into spirits or cocktail culture, then please get in touch below, it’s just for love, but I’d love to add more voices to the mix here.

Likewise, if you’ve a suggestion for future article, video, or something, please let me know via the form here.

Oh, and stay tuned for details of Martini Whisperer merchandise which will be available via the website too in the near future!

Stay Well