Podcast Interview with Ashley Feraude

For someone who works as professional marketer and consultant as my day job, I’m the worst at promoting Martini Whisperer. I’ve let it grow organically, hoping that fine folk like you get where I’m coming from and enjoy the journey with me.

But every so often I get approached by the media for a comment on the state of craft spirits, trends, or in this instance asked to do a deep dive on how I got to be here doing what I love, and how I crafted my career.

I’ve known Ashley Feraude for many years as a talented DJ and producer, in fact he performed at my wedding many moons ago. He’s a total gent, and sent some really thoughtful questions my way that really made me go deep during the talk.

After many months, he finally persuaded me to sit down and be part of his series that introduce some of Canberra’s many talented creatives and innovators.

So if you want to get to know me better beyond the cocktail shaker, mix yourself something agreeable in a glass, get comfy and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Just click on the image below to be taken to the episode.

PS: if you’d like to some more of my media appearances and interviews, there’s more here.






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