Martini Whisperer / Gintonica Limited Edition Martini Cocktail Set


This limited edition set, only 150 was made with all you need for a classic Martini featuring some of my favourite Australian ingredients plus some glasses in a fabulous package by my pals at Gintonica.

Featuring an all Australian line up of two gins and a vermouth in 3 x 50ml bottles (one of each), plus two cocktail glasses,  I have provided two ways to enjoy the most iconic of cocktails, the Martini.

Australian spirits are world class and it was a lot of fun to consider all the gins in the Gintonica range and select one of the first of the new wave of craft gins, Melbourne Gin Company, and one of the newest, Little Juniper which comes from Adelaide.  The Regal Rogue Daring Dry Vermouth is ideal for a Martini too and harmonises beautifully with both gins, offering a contrasting experience in a glass with the two gins to choose from and blend with the Vermouth.

The classic dry grin from the Melbourne Gin Company (see my original review of this gin here) offers a rich, complex Martini, whilst the Little Juniper gin (a recent review of mine for Gin Society magazine is here on page 44) showcases beautiful, juniper forward crispness.

To discover more about the pack and my inspiration behind the set, please see this clip.

I hope you enjoy it!