Interview with James of Hospopreneurs Podcast

I’ve been fortunate to meet some very talented people through this adventure as the Martini Whisperer, including the clever folk who contribute to this website.

One of which is Brisbane based James Henderson who has made a name for himself with his award winning series, Hospopreneurs Podcast.

Featuring some of Australia’s innovative business owners and entrepreneurs from the tourism and hospitality and food/ drink industries. So I’m honoured to have the opportunity to have the microphone turned on me for his 52nd episode.

He put me on the spot to go deep about my motivations, inspirations and thinking processes behind the Martini Whisperer and how I see the world from a business point of view and where I plan to go with the brand.

So mix yourself something agreeable, get comfy and enjoy this long chat with myself and James. I hope you come away with some insights and ideas for your own business journey.

You’ll find the episode here.