Review: Gin Loot Subscription Pack

Not only are we living in the what I think is the Golden Age of Gin, it’s never been a better time to get it so easily.

Happy days indeed.

Parallel to the rise of so many distillers around the world, not least here in Australia, has seen the emergence of specialist online shops and subscription services. Some operate as clubs, others a subscriber model, some focus on local products, others on just international craft gins, and so it goes. Plus there are releases exclusive to subscribers to particular distilleries, and of course the large retail outlets where you can just ‘add it to the cart’.

I’ve been keeping a list of some of the specialist services for a few years now – which you’ll find here.

It’s been a boon for those of us who can’t get out of the house of late, or want to be guided as to what’s good, taking the risk out of the purchase, or to help one enlarge ones craft spirits horizons.

The latest of these online subscription services is Gin Loot, based out of Sydney. The sister range to the successful Whisky Loot, they recently sent me their starter pack to experience.

The advantage of being a later entrant into the market is that one can carve out a point of difference, plus since we’re all so au fait now with online video and QR codes, thanks to you know what, they’ve pulled together several elements into one stylish package and experience.

Take the Journey

One of the clever ideas behind Gin Loot’s model is that you take a journey to learn about gin each month, with each pack revealing information about not just the gins included, but the styles of gin, how they’re made, etc so you build your knowledge along the way with a curated range.

You also sign up for the online account to then access – via the QR codes in the pack- to watch very informative videos about each product and more- hosted by leading Sydney mixologist Tim Laferia.  It also enables you to manage your account and pause, or skip packs if you prefer, giving the consumer good empowerment.

Below are some screenshots of the online experience. Happily the clips aren’t too long, and are informative and relaxed.



Full marks for presentation. The packs are gift quality, with good quality stock, bronze font, and full colour in the tasting notes, with lots of details about each.  You also get your own tasting notes diary to keep your notes along the way, plus the online experience is personalised.

In the starter pack there were two classic Aussie gins, Poor Tom’s Sydney Dry from Sydney. Malfy Con Lemon from Italy and a special release from Four Pillars in Victoria featuring Red + Green Szechuan Pepper which are used as a launch pad to explore different flavour profiles.

So you’re getting a masterclass in each pack, which is a very nice way of approaching things and adds real value to both the novice and experienced gin sipper.

The Take Home

Full marks to the team at Gin Loot for the ideas behind this very well designed and executed package. The online experience compliments seamlessly the tasting experience which is very user-friendly to access and engage with. The personalisation is very good and the overall tone of the brand is warm, informative and supportive.

The spirits brands involved must be happy also with the way their spirits are presented and it’s good to see interesting releases from the large labels presented rather than the usual suspects.

Gin Loot have created a quality product that offers a rewarding experience, backed by excellent online resources, for lovers of gin whether they be armchair experts, or just starting out on their adventures.


  • Price: Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, with free delivery in Australia, starting at $145 for 3 months (at time of publication)
  • Plus there are a range of special tasting packs and mixers etc available separately, in addition to the option to purchase full bottles f those featured in the packs from the website.
  • Each box includes 3 x 60ml premium gins plus tasting notes, and links to videos and recipes for each
  • Website:
  • Instagram here
  • Facebook here
  • Blog can be found here

Disclaimer: this review is of unsolicited sample provided by the makers, opinions expressed regarding the product are my own.

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  1. I like the addition of earth on the Gin wheel. I haven’t seen that before and was drinking an earthy gin and didn’t know how else to describe it!

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