Fun + Fashion at the Canberra Centre: Fall Spritz recipe

The Canberra Centre is the Capital’s premiere shopping precinct and I’ve been fortunate to be invited back over several years for special fashion and cocktail experiences.

Previously I created a French inspired cocktail when they opened a new wing, and they pair me another guest speaker from the world of fashion to share insights into what the new trends are each season etc.

So it’s Autumn (Fall) here now and so a few weeks ago, I returned to present several sold out workshops over the weekend.  Proceeds of the event were donated to a great local charity, Sleepbus.

My approach to creating cocktails is actually pretty simple, I want to offer something that can be made at home with readily accessible ingredients, and that is based on quality ingredients and inspired by the season.

So this time around, given it was a day time experience I didn’t want to offer the guests something too strong, so opted for a Spritzer approach. I also offered an non-alcoholic option too based on a lovely French Elderflower liqueur.

The Fall Spritz

  • 20ml Nocturne Amer from Australian producer Maidenii which is an exotic and complex style of Vermouth that features botanicals like Wormwood, quandong, desert lime, muntries, riberries, and black truffles.
  • Macerate several fresh Raspberries in the Vermouth for about 30 minutes in a tall glass
  • Then top with Dry Ginger Ale from Fevertree 
  • Add some ice, and sprinkle Finger Lime seeds and stir, easy!

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Photos credit: Ben Calvert Photography.


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