Australian Spirits Update and News: October ’21

Well, despite being interesting times, there is no sign that the Australian spirits industry shows any sign of decline. If anything, they’ve had a boom thanks to so many folks being in lockdown for so long and cocktail hour is starting a little earlier than usual.  😉

I’ve a bunch of new releases to review in detail and I wanted to let you know what’s coming your way.

I’m sure you’re aware of the lists of distillers I’ve maintained on the website for over a decade now, and I update them at the start of each month. So I’ve just added another 16 gin distillers to this list, making 439!

I’ve had something to say before about “peak gin” but they keep coming!

There’s a couple more whisky distillers added to this list – making over 140 – and I know of a few more in the works, so expect to see a lot of Australian whisky getting released in the coming years.

As for Australian rum, which I think is a fascinating category worth exploring, so now there are 56 makers around the country. Plus Vodka in Australia continues to grow, I’ve added six more, so now there are nearly 150 brands!

So I’ll be looking in more detail in the coming months at these new releases:

Disclosure: I had a hand in the development of this gin consulting to the new distillery that has created a rather delicious release, featuring truffles from the New South Wales Southern Highlands. If you like Scandi gin, or a complex sipping style, you’ll love this. You can find Truffle Mad gin online here.



Fun fact: one of my first ever review articles for the website was of the vodka from the singular Kangaroo Island Spirits.  So I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. They’ve just created a gin inspired by their beautiful locality using their own grown juniper, an Australian first I think.  You’ll find their website here.



Japan has gotten the gin craze too and make some superb gins, such as the range from Ki No Bi in Kyoto, and I keep a list of the makers in Japan here by the way.  The Sakaki Gin, available in Australia via the Shop Ikigai online store, is exceptional and very complex. I’m looking forward to exploring this gin further for the review.



The Taka Gin is another new release from a Melbourne based couple. Taka is a family business with proud Aboriginal woman, Niyoka Bundle, and her husband, Manx man, Vincent Manning.  One of the few indigenous owned distilleries in Australia with a great story to tell.



One of the ingredient finds of the year so far for me has been the exquisite range of bitters from Japan. So complex, they are taking my cocktails to the next level. They come in Umami, Yuzu, Hinoki, Sakura and Shiso. Just  a few drops go a long way and they are available via the Shop Ikigai online store.



Last but not least, from Sydney, comes a range of several Tonic Syrups from the Cure Tonics company. Crafted by a professional bartender who had a bit too much time on his hand thanks to aforesaid Lockdown, these are fresh take on the way to take your next G+T to the next level.

So stay tuned for these in the coming months, and don’t forget to swing past my Instagram channel for live updates and news each week.

Until next time, stay well!



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